Voice Lesson Info Sheet

This form is a way to let the choir directors know that you would like your student to take voice lessons from one of our private voice teachers. It is optional but highly recommended. 

OHS Choir Assessments Contract

This is a required form that lets the choir directors know how you intend to pay for your choir fees

OHS Choir Handbook Contract

This is a required form that indicates that you have read and understand the requirements of membership in the OHS Choir that are laid out in the handbook

Website & Social Media Release Form

This is a required form allowing the OHS Choir to publish pictures, videos, and other types of media that may have included your student's picture (we never post names with pictures) on our website, FaceBook page, Twitter account, etc. If you have a reason to not allow this, please contact Mrs. Storey at ginger.storey@ectorcountyisd.org